• Akzhana Abdaliyeva

LeucadiART Walk 2017 report

Leucadia & 101 Encinitas, CA

We took part in a one-day ART Walk. And we were VERY VERY tired, as if the show had been going on for 7 days. Why?

Usually, the Art ShowS lasts 3 days: one day for bring everything and install tent and artworks, and the next two days will be allocated for the show. But on this Art Show it was necessary to make a "1 day miracle".

It's all in one day: 1. get up at 6 am, 2. load the car to take all the pictures, tent and stands. 3. ride 40 minutes 4. unload the car, 5. collect the stand and put the pictures 6. suddenly the show starts, talk all day with the visitors of the send. 7. In the evening on the same day, everything must be dismantled, 8. taken away and unloaded. All this lasts 14 hours without stopping. Tired very much. The good news is that this is our this is our fifth show in the US, people are already recognizing us and remember us. We are very pleased.

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