• Akzhana Abdaliyeva

AkZhana | Maxim - Beverly Hills ArtSHOW

May 20th & 21st, 2017

O what a great show!


We were very lucky, we passed the selection of the jury and became participants in the Art Show! Wow! Many artists said that we were VERY lucky that we were selected. It turns out that only 245 artists from 800 applications are accepted ( source artfairsourcebook.com) !!! We drove 2 hours from San Diego, the car was loaded to the limit with paintings. We had great expectations. And these expectations were justified! Our canopy tent buzzed from visitors like a hive. There were a lot of local residents (collectors!) on this show, of course there were also tourists. Among the visitors there were many people from the USSR, Iran, Israel, Europe, and Americans. Many of our paintings have remained in Beverly Hills, we are so happy! Now our beautiful painting will live in good houses in BH, we are glad that we have presented beauty, to all visitors. One beautiful woman asked to tell the story of the Paintings "My Bird".

Here is the story: When Akzhana studied in Turkey (where she received Master of Art Degree) she witnessed the struggle. A huge seagull attacked the pigeon, and wounded the bird to blood. The dove fell to the ground and almost died.. Akzhana took the dying bird home, she and her friend (student veterinarian) had surgery for the bird. They sewed up a torn goiter. Akzhana took care of a bird a month. They became very friendly. Then the bird recovered and Akzhan released the pigeon to freedom. The bird flew away and only the memory of the time that they spent with the bird was left.

Each masterpiece has its own story!

Next to us stood other good artists, and they were very happy with our success. We are very pleased that our work was liked the visitors and other Great artists. We really hope that next time we will be again part of @ Beverly Hills ArtSHOW

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