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Interview with Akzhana

Kazakhstan artist has returned from Turkey. At the first opening day in Almaty, she will give visitors her art works!

This is a unique event in the cultural life of Kazakhstan which will take place in September, 14 at 5:00pm at the exhibition hall of the Central State Museum, Republic of Kazakhstan. Known for her works in Europe and the U.S., artist Akzhana Abdalieva decided to mark her return to Kazakhstan with an exhibition where she will distribute her Art Works for free to each of the first 1000 visitors. Throughout the history of the cultural life of our country, this is the first time when an artist gives out his works for free and to such an extent ... In connection with the exhibition, we decided to ask Akzhana some questions.

-Akzhana, are you really going to give out your Art Works to first 1,000 people for free?

- Yes, I do not want guests to leave with empty hands, so I'll do 1000 works specifically for the distribution, each work will be something unique, to each I took a hand and I put a personal signature.

- At the time, contemporaries of great artists often possessed drawings of these artists and do not realize that they had a piece of great value in their hands. Only eventually they realized value of each stroke by Leonardo, Rembrandt, Picasso. If you give out 1000 pieces of your Art Works, do you not think that in due time they will become valuable?

- I can not answer that, because no one but God knows the future. But history decides in its own way, and it eventually will put everything in its place. But even if you think of baseball cards that used to cost nothing, but now they are sold for 10,000 dollars. I remember throwing away pictures of Soviet artists, and now this style is called "Soviet art" or "socialist realism", and the pictures are worth a fortune. Over time a lot of things lose their value, lose their price, and many only become valuable over time. I want to do something nice for people who will come to my show and become familiar with my work. Each of the first 1,000 will receive my free Art Work, and possibly over time these pictures will be valuable. So take the time to get your gift.

- Where and how long have you studied?

- Since my childhood I grew up with a pencil and brush in my hands. Now behind my back I have 25 years of education. I have got art education in the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.K. Zhurgenov, and further I continued getting my education Turkey where I got Master’s degree, and then I decided to get a higher degree and in 2009 I got a Doctor of Arts in the field of painting.

- Doctor's degree? You? But you're so young. How did you manage to do that?

- I spent 9 years in Turkey, where I worked with the best art professors. Today I can teach painting and eventually become a professor, but I decided that the main thing for me is creative work. I'm writing a lot, constantly drawing, I look around the world typing experience, trying to understand the world that surrounds me.

- How many pictures do you paint per year?

- It depends, about 50-60 pieces. I approach each canvas in a special way, I'm not a craftsman. I don’t have a conveyor in my studio for production of similar pictures for Arbat. One should have an individual approach to each picture, it is necessary "to conceive an idea", carry it to term and give birth to it. But first you need to see your picture and then take a brush. Many fashionable artists first take a brush and then they try to see something in their blobs, but it's not my way. Seeing invisible – this is the key!

- Many artists starting a career are torn between craft (painting for tourists) and the need to paint from the depths of the heart, not for sale. The first ones can survive in the market conditions, and second ones live in poverty. How do you manage not to live in poverty while painting from your heart?

- I was very lucky, perhaps, it is the hand of the Most High. I met a respected man Maxim Maximov who supported me since my final training in Turkey. He saw a spark in my works, and now for the last three years, he is my supervisor, counselor, mentor. He himself is an artist and a great master of words. Sometimes in the process of creation artists have something that can be called “mental block”, and if at that time they have no one who deploys, help find a solution, then they are in trouble.

- What do you expect from your first opening-day in Kazakhstan?

First, my friends will gather there as well as my admirers and those who appreciate art. I want to make it a good fellowship. Many foreigners got interested in this exhibition. Actually, my works are mostly exhibited in Europe: in Switzerland and Germany. There are invitations from the U.S., but I love my home place – Kazakhstan and my native city Almaty, and my mother. A year ago I returned from Turkey and my friends insisted that I did the opening-day. I worked in the studio for a year and now here is my first outing.

- Why did you decide to exhibit your works up at the Central Museum of Republic of Kazakhstan? Maybe you should have started with sites of less significance?

- Each ship has its own water, I feel that my time has come, and the Central Museum is the appropriate site. This is not my first exhibition in life. But here at home I make my personal exhibition for the first time. I am a little worried, but expect the best.

- In your works one can very often see a girl, sometimes in sorrow, sometimes in joy, or she seems to fall in love or hides. Say, you, by chance, picture yourself, don’t you?

- Every artist reflect the flow of his live through his canvases. I live, get hurt, love, believe, rejoice, I feel. And all my feelings, I gently put on the canvas with a soft brush.

- Do you have favorite pictures?

- I have particular favorite pictures, I will never give them out. I have a certain connection with them as with children, and now I'm not ready to part with them, let them grow up, and then we'll see.

- Will it be possible to purchase your paintings at the exhibition?

- Yes, many visitors can buy my paintings, but most of my paintings are in Germany and Switzerland. Kazakh artists are more appreciated there, but I hope this situation is about to change. And moreover: many people go to art galleries, alas, to look at price tags, not works of art.

- Akzhana, we will surely come to your opening-day in September, 14th at 17:00 and support you.

- Welcome everyone, we will have a buffet, music, and the first 1,000 people will receive a unique gift from me. You will not regret it if you find time to come to this opening-day. The admission will be free, I'll be waiting for you and your readers! For those who do not go to museums I will give a hint - the museum is located down Furmanov street next to "Ramstore" in "Samal" district.

The interview was done by Zhakibaev Daulet by for the media.

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